Monday, March 09, 2009

My Beauty Secrets with Tanya Mc Menamin

Tanya Mc Menamin is a former Miss Northern Ireland who is currently modelling full-time in Belfast, Dublin and London.
Although she enjoys a successful career in fashion, is her long term ambition to practise as a lawyer specialising in Media Law.
With her striking features and cropped blond hair, the Northern Irish beauty is always in demand for catwalk shows and photo shoots. In this interview, she gives the lowdown on looking after your skin and tells us her favourite beauty buys.

What's your beauty routine?

I cleanse tone and moisturise every day, I have never left my make up on and went to bed. I use moisturising oil and mud mask once per week and have a facial and Thai massage once per month.

What one beauty product we will always find in your purse?
The beauty product that you will always find in my purse is lip gloss; I cannot leave the house without it. Also Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream which is an absolutely fantastic product and a real must have as it can be used as a lip balm but will also soothe skin irritations.

What is the best lip gloss you ever owned?
The best lip gloss I ever owned was a Pout lip gloss which was a lip plumper and also tasted and smelt of mint although the range has been discontinued. At the moment I am using LancĂ´me Juicy tubes.

What is your biggest beauty secret?
It is important to provide your body with the correct nutrients it needs and although I would have occasionally had water with fresh lemon before my breakfast I do it religiously every day now as it totally cleanses your system.

What beauty secret have you inherited from your mother?
The one thing that I have inherited from my Mother and Grandmother is great skin. A beauty secret I inherited from my Mother is Rosehip oil which can slow down premature aging and improves collagen and elastin levels in the skin.

Would you have plastic surgery?
I could never say that I would never have plastic surgery. I do believe in using non-surgical treatments at the moment but if I really felt the need to have plastic surgery in the future I would not rule it out.

Which celebrities do you find most beautiful?
I think natural beauty is beautiful where you can see a person's natural beauty shining through rather than a person who looks really false so I personally think Kate Moss and Julianne Moore are beautiful.

What makes you feel sexy?
New underwear. Regardless of what you are wearing if you know you have nice underwear underneath it will always make you feel sexy.

What is your favourite perfume?
At the moment I am wearing Infusion DIris by Prada which I absolutely love.
Is there a body treatment you swear by?
The beauty treatment I would swear by is a good facial at least once a month.
Do you eat to live or live to eat?
I eat to live. I believe it is important to have a balanced diet. I do not believe in fad diets at all. I believe that if somebody eats sensibly there should be no reason to go on a diet as a lot of these diets which are being promoted at the moment are denying your body of essential nutrients which your body needs which can be detrimental to your health.
Tea or coffee?

I love tea; I drink ordinary tea as well as herbal teas. I have so many different types and have one for each mood I'm in.

What is your ultimate great escape?
On and island with no mobile phone reception or Blackberry and just time to have time to reflect on life and to relax because I am one of those people who always has to be busy and never settles. Most people would say that I could do that at home in Fermanagh which is possible but I've never actually took time out to do it.

And your philosophy on life?
My philosophy on life is to try and do as many things as you possibly can as you are only here once and it's important to make sure when you look back on your life that it has been worth while.

What city do you love the most?
Paris. I love France and hope to eventually retire to the South of France.
What one or two things some people may not know about you?
I am a classically trained musician and have made appearances with the Ulster Orchestra and the Irish Chamber Orchestra.

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