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Here is a piece on modeling in Ireland that ran in yesterday's Evening Herald and has some comments from Laura Toogood

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Fashion from TX Maxx

Bscene was sorry to hear of the passing of one of its members. Richie Power past away over the weekend. Rest in peace Richie

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bscenes Alli Mc Donnell modesl for Environment Furniture Maison Chateau

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Laura talks on RTE website about her love for fashion.

Fashion Fix with Laura Toogood

Model Laura Toogood
Monday, 5 January 2009
Laura has modeled for the last five years. She is signed with Bscene-The Agency in Dublin and Target International in London. She has modeled clothes for Debenhams, Armani, Vila, ICHI and DKNY to name just a few.

You're clearly a fan of fashion. Do you enjoy experimenting with your look?
I am relatively conservative when it comes to experimenting with different themes. I adore the glamorous look, however occasionally I might experiment with a different look depending upon my mood.

Who is your fashion icon or your greatest influence in matters of style?
I think that Eva Longoria was dressed beautifully in the early series of Desperate Housewives. The colors she wore were vibrant and effervescent and the clothes were perfectly tailored. She also shines when on the red carpet.
As a catwalk model I also appreciate the importance of high-fashion designers and their role in influencing trends for the various seasons. High-fashion designers provide fantastic inspiration and are ultimately very influential.

What is your essential beauty item that must be in your handbag at all times?
Before I leave the house I have a little saying; "Phone, keys, wallet." They are the essential three items in my hand-bag, everything else I normally leave at home.

What is your favourite item of clothing that you've ever purchased?
A statement hat that I have yet to wear! I am waiting for the right occasion.
How important is fashion in the world of the music/film industry?
I believe fashion, music and film are all inextricably linked. There is a lot of parallel inspiration among these industries.

How would you describe your personal style?
Fashion is an art and I think it is very important to have a personal style as not all trends will suit every person. Color is crucial to my wardrobe. I am a fan of vivid dresses, tops and accessories, however I also believe sophistication is important. I think vibrant elegance would best summarise what I hope to achieve with my personal style.

Who is your favourite designer? And your favourite high street store?
Matthew Williamson has designed some stunning dresses. I also like the boldness of John Galliano when designing for Dior.I don't often shop in high street chain stores as I like the uniqueness of boutique shops. The boutique shops I visit offer individual pieces for those on a low and high budget.

What is your favourite city to shop in and why?
I take advantage of the extensive shopping that is available in London; however Dublin remains one of my favourite places to shop because I find many dresses here. I visited Rome last April and that was a 'shopper's heaven' - the Italian clothes are stylishly tailored.

What do you feel best wearing?
When I am out in the evenings I love to wear dresses, however when at home I live in my jodhpurs! I feel just as happy in both extremes!

What is the best style advice you have been given?
Don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Is Alli Turkey bound ???

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Body for 2009

Darrien returns to Ireland

In addition to younger members of Bscene performing in Dublin's 'Peter Pan', Darrien Wright is dance captain in Corks 'Sleeping Beauty' currently running at the Opera house.
This is a stunning show with excellent performances from all the cast.

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