Monday, December 22, 2008

Emma Quinlan signed by top model agency

With all the festive cheer we forgot to blog this article from Friday's Evening Herald

Emma Quinlan signed by top model agency

By Lorna Nolan
Friday December 19 2008

Model Emma Quinlan has been signed by top agency Starlicious.
The Dubliner will now join the likes of well-known British star Hannah Spearritt, who came to fame during her days with S-Club 7, model Caprice and former Big Brother contestant Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, who are also represented by the British agency.
Emma is hoping her link to the prestigious agency will help catapult her into the big league, and has already set about making herself known to some of the most influential fashion moguls in Britain.
Having cut her teeth with First Option agency, the well-known model and dancer recently signed up with bscene the Agency.
Since then, she has been desperately trying to shed her image as the snake-charmer, and this may be just the help she needs.
"I was thinking for a long time that it was time for a bit of a change for me.
"I do still love the snakes, but they're just too bloody heavy to carry around, they're about 10 stone each.
"I keep five of them now [she had 15 at one time] but, unfortunately, I can't keep modelling with them for life.
"I'll still bring them out for the club gigs or for MTV or corporate stuff though, I don't have any regrets about using them at all," she added.
And she has no illusions about how quickly her reign at the top could end if she doesn't work hard to preserve it.
"The modelling world is so fickle," she revealed. "You have to make sure you stand out because otherwise you're in one minute and the next thing you know you're out and no-one wants to know about you.
"The modelling industry here is so small you could never really compare it to any other countries.
"It's a bit ridiculous how it's all about your social status and how much you go out, and not your actual modelling skills," she said.
And while she refuses to succumb to the pressures of the Irish industry, Emma has nonetheless been inundated with work since she left First Option for bscene a number of weeks ago.
However, it hasn't been all good news for the brunette beauty, as last week she was bedridden by a terrible illness.
She was so sick, in fact, that she couldn't even make the agency's star-studded Christmas bash at Krystle nightclub last Thursday.

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