Thursday, August 07, 2008

Here is a piece from The Irish Independent about blogs and look what blog is mentioned. This ran in July just gone but we forgot to blog which is ironic

By Marie Boran and Niall Byrne
Thursday July 03 2008
The Business Blog

There is a lot of info out on the web that could be crucial to you as an SME owner/manager but where do you find the time to go googling? Never fear as Stefan Topfer, CEO and chairman of WinWeb, can do this for you. He does a regular news roundup hitting all the major Irish and UK newspapers. Some items relate to the online aspect of running a small firm but EU regulations, banking and economic issues are also covered and each news item also comes in a podcast version so you can listen while ironing your shirt, feeding the cat and catching up on email via your BlackBerry.

Why, That’s Delightful
Father Ted co-creator and The IT Crowd writer Graham Linehan doesn’t need to blog – Channel 4 stuffs wads of crisp sterling notes through his letterbox whenever he commands – which is why this blog is the perfect example of what a blog should be. Linehan shares what he’s doing and what he finds funny with his readers. He genuinely seems to get a kick out of interacting with fans. He also sees it as a way of keeping his finger on the pulse and stirring his creative juices, a good lesson for any artist or businessperson out there.

Clamnut comix
The fortune of the comic could well be revived by the internet. Image-conscious businesspeople may not want to spend their lunch break poring over the adventures of the Green Lantern or Strontium Dog in Eason’s but having a sneaky peek at their childhood heroes online is a safe way to partake in this guilty pleasure. The comic strips of Dublin graphic artist Bob Byrne are a quick fix for the office blues. His range of free downloadable comic panels are all well-written, well-drawn and often explicit. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but will appeal to the lapsed comic reader amidst a jaded white-collar world.

Bscene Social
Whether you’re a fashionista or not, it’s always tempting to keep tabs on the beautiful people. This is why we sneak a look at the gossip section of the Sunday papers whilst proudly proclaiming we wouldn’t be caught dead reading Heat or Hello.
B scene, the Dublin-based model agency, is hip to this and
Sean Montague updates religiously, keeping us abreast of the latest fashion shoots and launch parties attended by b scene models and employees, giving us lots of insight and a bit of gossip along the way.

Bscene Social

Bscene Social
Bscene Social