Monday, June 30, 2008

Lana's Night

Stunning Lana Kurashidze modeled with bscene a few years back . Lana started having bad headaches and fainting fits so she decided to go back to Latvia for a check-up where she was diagnosed with brain tumour.
The first operation was performed in March 2006 after which she was left paralysed, couldn’t talk properly and developed double meningitis. Despite these grim prospects she believed in her own recovery and went through three courses of rehabilitation after which she was able to move in a wheelchair. It took her a year and a half to learn to walk and talk again; she was nearly back to her old self and was going to return to Ireland But suddenly the old scares were back: headaches, vertigo, serious deterioration of eye-sight.

She was hospitalised again in November 2007 with a diagnosis of brain oedema. The doctors explained that the place where the tumour had been removed from started filling up with fluid and she needed another operation. Local surgeons implanted a tube into her brain to drain the fluids out. After this operation Lana lost hearing in one ear, became nearly blind and was back in her wheelchair. But she still had her spirit and was determined to get better.

The doctors were hopeful another course of rehabilitation would help do that but it only made her worse. The latest tests showed that tumour not only started growing again but it was growing into her brainstem. Latvian doctors are unable to help Lana any longer which means she is left to die for as long as it takes…

Her only option of survival and possible recovery is another operation which can be performed by the specialists of Central Russian Institute of Oncology in Moscow. Such an operation can cost up to 15 thousand Euro and Lana’s family cannot afford it.

To help Lana find the money to save her life The Academy (formerly Spirit) is holding a fundraising event on July 4th
Called “Lana’s night – Spirit Re-union”.
DJ Jane Kenny, DJ Karen, DJ John Power, Spirit’s original dance troupe and the performers have all kindly agreed to donate their time in support of the night. There’s also going to be drinks promotions on the night and a raffle with prises including Oxegen tickets. All the money from ticket sale will go towards Lana’s operation.

Event date Friday, 4 July
Doors open 10.30 pm
Over 18’s – ID required
Ticket price – €15
Tickets available on Ticketmaster and directly from the Academy

Lana’s bank account in Latvia:
“Parex Banka”
Swift code: PARXLV22
IBAN: 40003074590
Acc No: LV27PARX0005365380004
PERSONAL CODE: 310385-10527

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