Monday, April 14, 2008

A Sunday round up

Well it seems it was bscenes turn yesterday to feel the catty remarks of the daily mail.

For those not familiar with this Sunday spread ( & from what we hear there are a lot not interested in it ) they take press / pr shots from launches, parties, shows etc and place their own not so clever captions to pictures. This is a copy of what the Sunday Indo’s Life mag have been doing for years… but that’s where similarities end as where they go for the tounge in cheek Irish model jabs it seems the people responsible for the ‘party pics’ go for the ‘lets how many we can offend this week’ approach….

Moving onto to press worth mentioning this piece popped up in yesterday’s Sunday World Very Hush Hush regarding former Billy Elliot star Dean Mc Carthy departure form the show. Sadly all good things must come to an end and one thing about children is … they keep growing so the idea of an almost 17 year old playing a 13 year old gordie doesn’t wash.
Watch for Dean over th coming months / years as he turns into a fine actor

Finally with the race season rocking back around here is a nice piece of the former Galway best dressed winner, current model and the mails favourite model Jill Macken :)

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