Friday, February 15, 2008

Meteors & IFTA's

Well it’s been a dull quiet week on the events front due to two bigger events taking place.

Tonight sees ‘The Meteor Music Awards’ taking place in Dublin’s RDS. .. With the point closed for renovations every music event on the calendar is taking place in the RDS. Now although events such as this are much needed and very welcomed the line up leaves a lot to be desired. Sinead O Connor duet with The Republic of Loose should be interesting but could do without Westlife.

The event is an excellent association for mobile company ‘Meteor’.

Of course the funny thing with events such as these is watching the wannabes try to crash the after party. Hours of fun to be had there…. ( for those not inside ) . This years after party will be held in the urban trendy & model hang out KRYSTLE, Harcourt Street.

The other big event and the one bscene has more interest is the IFTA’S <> on Sunday evening. Our answer to the Oscars, Baftas & Golden Globes all rolled into one takes place this year in the Gaiety Theatre, King Street.
We think this year the organisers have got it right with a good location, an after party in the wonderful Shelbourne Hotel, and some well known faces from Hollywood and a ceremony they promise will not go on for 6 hours like previous years.
If you think you have been doing double takes & spotting some well know international faces around the city then you may just be correct. Actor, Director , Producer Mel Gibson is due in along with actress Rene Russo and Sex & the city star John Corbett. The later staying right beside the offices of bscene as the crew here have spotted him countless times over the last few days with his stunning partner.

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