Monday, July 02, 2007

A new week ......

Saturday saw kevin J Ryan introduce the brilliant movie ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ as part of the summer screenings in association with Jameson.

Tonight sees the return of ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’ on Living TV @ 9
It may not have the big shoots like the US one, or Tyra Banks but still not bad for a Monday evening. There are rumours of an Irish version happening soon…. GOD HELP US... we can just see it now, the cream of the Irish fashion 'talent' selecting a winner from a group of 8 Irish beauties who all live in the model penthouse down at a 'secret location' in the heart of the docklands with the winner going on to have a wonderful career doing photocalls.....

Sadly the Bscene crew will have to catch it on a rerun or one of Living's next top model catch up Sunday'a as they are hitting ‘The Sugar Club’ for Duracell Ultra M3 collaborations with ITUNES.
Food, drinks, tunes from DJ Mo Kelly & live band Kidic will be on hand. If only all the weeks started of that good.

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Bscene Social
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