Thursday, July 19, 2007

Art Dublin 2007 Launch

As we all know the huge American blockbuster ‘Transformers’ arrived on Irish soil with a screening and Tiger Beer after party held in Cocoon and although we love a good premier it clashed with the launch of Art Dublin 2007 in BT2.
As blog & social watchers know this is now an annual event where artists commission pieces with a theme with proceeds going to Focus Ireland. Photographer Lili Forberg photographed various models that hail from various parts of the world but now call Ireland home. The pieces in question are beautiful and feature bscene’s Merlot, Monika, Laura & Olga.

Stylist Corina Gaffey, Photographer Lili Forberg,
Bscene's Brendan Scully & presenter / In Dublin's Catriona O Conor
Can't remember her name but she was lovely.

Trying to be fierce ...... inspired by Lili's work

Bscene Social

Bscene Social
Bscene Social